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VigRX® Clinical Study Result

Vigrx Plus is one of the best penis enlargement supplements or pills of the many on the online market, why is that? because the formula contained in this supplement has been clinically tested (Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD) and many of them have had result. To support the 10-plus year success story of this product, the following are the result of this product which have been tested on 75 men for 84 days with the triple blind method in men aged 25 to 50 years, where some of them were given Vig RX and some were given a placebo, they gave us a 56 page report.

Use it Routinely If You Want to Get Maximum Results

Get a 58.97% increase in the ability to make your partner more comfortable
Increases sex drive and desire by 47%
Increase Sexual Satisfaction and Relationships by 71.43%
Increases the ability to make erections last longer by 62.82%
Increase orgasm quality by 22.49%
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Read more here to find out a complete clinical study of the VigrxPlus  product. In short, the ingredients contained in Vig RX supplements are focused on increasing sexual stamina, making erections harder, and increasing libido so that they can last longer during sex intercourse.

Scientific Formulation and 100% Natural

Vigrx Plus has been conducting research in the field of men’s health for more than 10 years, always doing research and getting the latest developments from the world of medicine and slowly starting to perfect formulations with a combination of ingredients that are truly effective for male sexual health.

Optimized Dosage On Each Pill
This Products provides the maximum dosage to get satisfying and permanent result. The pills in it are unlike other supplements whose contents are sawdust and are harmful to the body if continuously consumed.

This supplement is produced from the highest quality ingredients and the best (none in other penis enlargement supplements) so it is safe for consumption (as has been confirmed clinically tested by Vedic Lifesciences) and gives amazing result. A very supportive ingredient in VigRXPlus Pill supplements is Bioperine which is not found in other supplements, read more here.

This is how VigRX Plus® works

Has been formulated with a series of 10 potent natural erection precursors, aphrodisiacs, and libido enhancers that quickly build up in your system to measurably improve your sex performance.

The ingredients directly target nitric oxide levels, which helps to relax the smooth muscle tissue of the corpus cavernosa, the two long cylindrical tubes in the penis, and its associated arterioles to increase blood flow to the penis. This result in noticeably thicker, fuller erections.

Includes a series of potent testosterone boosters and aphrodisiacs that are many centuries old. They are known for giving men a big boost of sexual desire, along with other noticeable improvements in men’s health and function. Look here, this is the biology of the penis, how Vigrx Plus actually works.

Just take 2 capsules per day to get real result, there are no side effects after taking this supplement, you can stop immediately after getting the desired results.




Throughout history, black pepper, also called the king of spices, has appeared in many traditional herbal medicines. In modern times, we’ve discovered that Piperine, the pungent component of black pepper, has a dramatic effect on how your body reacts to other herbs and spices. Specifically, Piperine and its patented cousin, Bioperine help your body absorb vital nutrients and minerals far more efficiently. By adding Bioperine to this already potent cocktail of sexually enhancing herbs and compounds, your body will process up to 40% more of it. This gives you the long term boost to regain your sex prowess and stamina.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

Believe it or not, Muira Pauma is also known as the “erection root.” This extract has been used by the tribes in Brazil for thousands of years, especially for its aphrodisiac qualities. In 1994, Dr. Jacques Waynberg conducted a study on 262 men suffering from this type of problem, and the results were clear. Within just two weeks of use, a whopping 62% of the men reported the extract was having “a dynamic effect.” Also, a full 51% of the men said the herb was beneficial to their libido and desire.


Also known as Turneradiffusa Damiana, is a low-growing plant with yellow flowers and fragrant leaves. It’s native to the subtropical climates of southern Texas, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. It’s been used as a medicine since the Mayans walked the earth. Damiana has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and bladder tonic because it promotes oxygen supply and increases blood flow and nerve impulses to your penis. This is a VERY good thing.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

Also called “Horny Goat Weed” for good reason. Epimedium is a plant that comes from the botanical family, “Berberidaceae.” The Epimedium plant is said to contain certain chemical compounds, otherwise known as flavonoids that have antioxidant properties. It also contains phytoestrogens, which have effects similar to estrogen. This phytoestrogen, known as epimedium icariin, blocks an enzyme in the body using a natural pathway. Epimedium icariin aids the body in the transport of nitric oxide that encourages your body to increase the production of testosterone.

Ginkgo Biloba

Another well known ancient Chinese herb, Ginkgo Biloba has strong antioxidant properties. Also, it enhances the function of nerve cells by increasing blood flow to the brain and nervous system. This blood flow enhancement helps increase the quality of your erection. In fact, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has said using Ginkgo Biloba can help fight issues in the bedroom.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a fan palm native to North America, primarily located near the Eastern Gulf coasts. The hormonal impact of saw palmetto primarily affects testosterone pathways. People have used it for hundreds of years as a treatment for sex inadequacies. Even though we still don’t completely understand exactly how it works, the evidence over time makes it another powerful player in the formulation of Vig RX Plus.

Asian Red Ginseng

Once again our ancestors got some things exactly right. Ginseng has been around for thousands of years. In fact, it was first recorded as an aphrodisiac back in 3500 BC by China’s Emperor, Shen-Nung. He is also considered to be “the father of Chinese medicine.” Shen-Nung is quoted as saying he got a “warm and sexually pleasurable feeling” when taking Ginseng.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berries have some vital properties to contribute to your improved sexual health. They’re incredibly beneficial to cardiovascular health by strengthening blood vessels, lowering cholesterol levels, and even supporting the heart muscle itself. They’re filled with antioxidants and bioflavonoids, which help stimulate blood flow to the penis and help maintain and prolong erections.

Catuaba Bark Extract

Once again we head down to South America in search of another herb. Catuaba is indigenous to Brazil and Peru and the men there use it to increase sex desire and appetite. It contains three alkaloids called “catuabine A, B and C.” They work within the nervous system to reduce fatigue, encourage better sleep and eliminate nervousness, all of which enhances sexual function.

Check out their story here, why VigRXPlus really works for men who experience sexual problems:

Tried VigRX Plus for Themselves

Increase in length AND girth [of erections]… this product works! I have even recommended it to friends. VigRX® just plain works! It does what you say it does… I know because I have tried them all.


Handwritten Testimonial

“I have even recommended it to friends…”Patrick White - Atlanta, Georgia

After week one I saw no difference but on week two I got stronger, firmer erections. Normally it takes a while to have an erection but with VigRXPlus® it comes quick and strong… VERY strong!


Handwritten Testimonial

“It comes quick and strong… very strong!”Emeks Nwosu - Massachusetts

The very first day I took 2 tablets and it so happened that I had sex that night. It was never ending… she begged me to stop! Since then I knew it was the best enhancer I have tried. It was long and hard and I have been using it for 1 month and experience the same thing everytime!

“My companion knows I am there NOW…”Carl D. Ingram - Luling, Louisiana

All the testimonials you read are real from customers who have consumed this supplement regularly. Some of the customer photos displayed have been approved before being published and users are given free supplies every month as long as they continue to provide testimonials.

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Our promise to you is simple.

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The stamina and sex drive of a healthy teenager

Orgasms so intense, you will be shocked and then thrilled

Simply send us your empty VigRXPlus® containers in the first 67 days and we will refund your entire purchase price – no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s an absolute yes! And we have the clinical trial results to prove it. To read all the mumbo-jumbo on the clinical tests and their results, check out this page.

You can buy online via our order page here and enjoy your 67-day risk-free money back guarantee. We are the official website for VigRX Plus, so you can be sure that all the products you buy from us are safe and genuine.

Some retailers purchase our product wholesale and then resell them in their stores; however, there may not be one near you. The good news is, we ship worldwide, right to your doorstep. You can check out our online prices and buy the product directly from our order page here. It is super convenient!

Just take one pill, twice a day. One box will last 30 days. To get the optimal results, we suggest you couple this with VigRX Oil as well as male enhancement exercises.

There are no reported side effects. Our products consist of natural ingredients. However, we advise you to read the ingredients to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in VigRX Plus.

Results with VigRX Plus® build over a period of 30-60 days.

You can check out our user reviews page for more success stories.

Yes, for more details, check out the 67-day money back guarantee here.

Yes, we ship worldwide. Within the United States, it can take up to 72 hours for express shipment. It takes up to 2 weeks for non-express shipment to arrive at your doorstep. For international shipment, please allow up to a month for delivery.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to ask. Packages we send within the United States will not have the content indicated on the labels. However, for international orders, we may have to state the content by law.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to ask. Packages we send within the United States will not have the content indicated on the labels. However, for international orders, we may have to state the content by law.